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Grief Counseling for Couples 

Enduring a death of can be the most challenging issue a couple will ever face. It seems only natural to turn to your partner for love and support during this time, after all shouldn’t they know how you feel since they too are going through loss? Many couples are surprised to discover they do not always know how to support their partner when they themselves are deeply grieving. And it can be a further strain to the relationship when we misunderstand our partner’s grief and grieving process, especially if it looks different from our own.  


Couple Showing Affection

If you’re struggling with:

  • Lack of communication or connection.

  • Feeling alone in your grief.

  • Feeling as though your partner “isn’t grieving” or is bottling up their emotions.

  • Feeling overwhelmed with how to support your partner in their sadness.

  • One of you wants to talk about the deceased and the other does not.

  • Pervasive feelings of blame towards your partner for the death.

  • Disagreements on when, where, and how to deal with your loved ones belongings.

  • Arguments over how to continue to parent your living children.

  • Wondering whether or not to have another child.

Many couples need new coping skills to help them heal and strengthen their relationship after such a profound loss. With patience for your partner and yourself, it is possible to create honest and intimate conversations around your shared experience of grief, and how you can best give and receive support as you rebuild your life together.  

Couple Close Up

How can I support my partner in their loss?

When your partner experiences a loss, you may have no idea how to be supportive. It can be hard to see your partner in pain and feel as though there is nothing that can "fix" it. This can make it difficult for couples to know how to communicate, engage in everyday life, and share feelings openly.  


Grief counseling offers a way for both partners to express what they are experiencing to foster connection and support.   

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